Grade 1 Music Theory Video Course by Hello Music Theory

Grade 1 Music Theory Video Course

Fed up of being confused by music theory? Get our step by step walkthrough the fundamentals with our Grade 1 Music Theory Video Course and eBook to help you learn quickly so you can spend more time playing music.

No more Struggling With Music Theory

Fast track your musical education and get our simple, step by step walkthrough the fundamentals of music theory with our Grade 1 Music Theory Video Course and companion eBook. 

They're made to help you learn quickly so you can spend more time playing music and less time worrying about the theory.

Spend More Time Enjoying Music

This Grade 1 Music Theory Course will teach you everything you need to know when it comes to the fundamentals of reading and writing music and give you a solid foundation so you can start understanding how to read and write music.

We'll cover all the notes and their time values, help make sense of time signatures and rhythm, plus pitches and clefs and loads more.

Save Money On 1-to-1 Lessons

Music lessons are expensive and music theory, although vitally important to learning an instrument often gets left to the last 5 minutes at the end of your lesson when there's no time to ask questions if you don't understand something.

With this course you get lifetime access to the videos explaining everything in a simple and easy to understand way that you can watch over and over again. You'll save a lot of money that you would have had to spend on one to one lessons with your music teacher which you can now spend actually learning your instrument. 

Taking a Music Theory Exam? This Course is For You

If you're learning music theory to take an ABRSM music theory exam, this course has been specifically designed to ensure you not only pass but get a distinction.

We've helped thousands of students prepare for their exams and this course covers everything that you'll need to know for the 2020 ABRSM grade 1 theory syllabus.

What's Included in this Course?

When you buy this course, all of the videos and the study guide will be available instantly to your device. You'll also receive an email with detailed instructions of how to login and access it all.

30+ Video Lessons Available Anytime

We've included over 30 video lessons to walk you step by step through the fundamentals of music theory. Access them from anywhere with an internet connection so you can start learning music theory from the comfort of your own home.

You get lifetime access to every video in the course, plus any updates that we add at no extra cost.

Companion eBook Study Guide

As well as all the videos you also get instant access to our Grade 1 Music Theory Study Guide eBook that you can access on your smartphone, tablet or computer. This way you can get all the lessons whenever, or wherever you need it. 

Written in simple and jargon free english with hundreds of music examples it covers everything you need to know. Like the videos, we keep it updated too so as and when ABRSM update their syllabus we'll add to it so it's always up to date.

Ready To Start Mastering Music Theory?


About Your Tutor

Hi I'm Dan Farrant your tutor for this course. I studied music at the Royal Academy of Music and I've been teaching music theory for the last 12 years. I wanted a way to share my love of music and make it more accessible to people so started Hello Music Theory back in 2014.

Since then, has grown to the point where it now helps hundreds of thousands of students each month by breaking down music theory into simple to understand concepts and providing easy to use resources to people all over the world in over 80 countries.

What You'll Learn In This Course

Whether you're a brand new beginner to reading music or you know some of the basics already, we'll start at the beginning and slowly build up a good foundation of musical principals. Here's an overview of what we'll cover in the course:

  1. Basic Rhythms: To give you a good foundation before moving on to more complex music theory we start by covering the very basic notes and their time values. 
  2. Time Signatures: In this section of the course, you'll learn all about bar lines, bars and time signatures, what they are and why they're so important when reading music.
  3. Notes on the Stave: We'll introduce the stave and how to write notes on it and all the rules about notes on the stave.
  4. Notating Pitch: Pitch is when it starts getting interesting and in this section you'll learn all about the musical alphabet and everything you need to know about clefs.
  5. More Time Values: We'll cover some more note values including tied and dotted notes and how use rests in music.
  6. Harmony: You'll learn all about harmony including how to work out scales, keys, key signatures and intervals.
  7. Grouping Notes and Rests: In these videos we cover some more of the more complex rules around grouping notes and rests in different time signatures.
  8. Performance Directions: Lastly, we cover all you need to know about performance directions including lessons on tempo, dynamics and lots more.
Additional resources: As well as all these video lessons you'll receive additional print outs, links to useful resources and quizzes to help you learn quicker.

The Course Curriculum

Introduction and welcome
6 mins
Companion Study Guide Ebook- Grade 1
1.95 MB
1. Basic Rhythm
Introduction to basic rhythm
2 mins
Note names and time values
5 mins
Note stems and tails
3 mins
Beaming notes together
4 mins
2. Time Signatures
Introduction to time signatures
1 min
Bars and bar lines
4 mins
Time signatures
12 mins
3. Notes On The Stave
Introduction to notes on the stave
1 min
The stave (or staff)
2 mins
The directions of note stems
4 mins
Angling note beams
6 mins
Ledger lines
3 mins
4. Notating Pitch
Introduction to notating pitch
1 min
The musical alphabet
4 mins
The treble clef
7 mins
Drawing treble clef practice worksheet
86 KB
The bass clef
6 mins
Drawing bass clef practice worksheet
91.4 KB
Sharps, flats and natural signs
12 mins
5. More Time Values
Introduction to more time values
1 min
8 mins
Dotted notes
5 mins
Tied notes
8 mins
6. Harmony
Introduction to harmony
2 mins
Semitones and tones (half and whole steps)
7 mins
16 mins
Degrees of a scale
3 mins
Keys and key signatures
9 mins
6 mins
Tonic triads
8 mins
11 mins
7. Grouping Notes And Rests
Introduction to grouping notes and rests
1 min
Avoiding tied notes
6 mins
Beaming quavers and semiquavers
15 mins
Grouping rests
9 mins
8. Performance Directions
Introduction to performance directions
1 min
10 mins
5 mins
Other performance directions
5 mins
Performance directions.pdf
102 KB
2 Minute feedback survey

100% Money Back Guarantee

We've worked hard to make this course as comprehensive and simple to understand as possible that we're sure you'll love it. 

But, if it's not for you, let us know within 30 days of purchase and if we can't make it right, we'll refund 100% of your money.


What music theory syllabus is this for?

At the moment this course covers specifically the ABRSM grade 1 music theory syllabus. But, even if you're following a different music theory syllabus the lessons in this course will definitely help to give you a foundational knowledge of music theory.

Can I download the videos?

All the lessons in this course are streaming only so you'll need access to the internet. This is so we can ensure you always receive the most up to date videos. You can download the companion eBook though.

Is there a physical copy of the book included?

Sadly not yet. In order to keep costs down we're offering it as a digital download eBook rather than a physical copy.

Is there a money back gaurantee

Absolutely! We've put hours and hours of time into trying to make this course the best music theory course around, but if it's not for you and we can't make it right, let us know and we'll refund you.

Is my credit card secure?

Definitely. Our website and card processor is partnered with Stripe and PayPal and uses a secure 256-bit encryption to make sure your details are safe and 100% secure.

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